Fun Facts about Lighting!

Legend Lighting in Austin has beautiful fixtures.  They also send out monthly newsletters with fun facts.  Check out this fact:
The average elephant weighs about 6 tons, or 12,000 pounds. Sounds like a lot, right?
Do you know how many greenhouse gases we could keep out of the air if we all switched just five of our household fixtures to energy-efficient bulbs?
You might be surprised to hear that if every American home changed five lamps from traditional incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, the country could prevent one billion pounds of greenhouse gases from polluting our air.
That’s about 83 million elephants.   Make the switch today!
Michelle Thomas

Award winning Austin interior designer, Michelle S. Thomas, graduated from the University of Alabama in 2005 with a bachelor’s of Interior Design. Now based in Austin, Texas, Michelle launched her own interior design firm, Michelle Thomas Design, in 2009. Since then, she has completed projects in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Pensacola, Florida, and Kansas City, Missouri.

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